Parag Mhashilkar

paragParag is the Technical Project Manager and Co-Project Manager of the HEPCloud project. Parag is also the development lead for the Decision Engine project. Decision Engine is responsible for providing elasticity to the HEPCloud facility.  Parag Mhashilkar is the group leader of the Workflow Management & Provisioning (WMP) group in the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab. The WMP group is responsible for the design and development of state of the art workflow management, workload management and provisioning solutions for a wide array of computing resource types, including computational grids, high performance computers, community and commercial clouds. As one of the many responsibilities, Parag is the project leader of the GlideinWMS project, a glidein based workload management and resource provisioning system that is used by CMS, Fermilab experiments and several other scientific experiments and researchers in the Open Science Grid (OSG).  Parag has been working in the field of Distributed Computing since 2002. He received his BS in Electronics from University of Mumbai in 1998 and MS in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington in 2003.