HEPCloud: a new paradigm for particle physics computing

Particle physics requires copious computing resources to extract scientific results. Such resources can be from local batch farms, grid sites, private and commercial clouds or supercomputing centers. Historically, expert knowledge was required to access and concurrently use all these resources efficiently. Fermilab is pursuing a new paradigm in particle physics computing through HEPCloud, a facility that routes jobs to local or remote computing resources based on workflow requirements, cost and efficiency of accessing various resources.

HEPCloud will change the way experiments use computing resources to produce physics results by:

  • Allowing more experiments and projects to transparently use more resources to extract more science, without the need for expert knowledge
  • Providing cost-effective access to computing resources by optimizing usage across all available resource types
  • Elastically expanding the resource pool on short notice (e.g., by renting temporary resources on commercial clouds).


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